Thursday, August 5, 2010

A Week in Reveiw

This week we have been hanging out and doing a lot of nothing yet for some reason I feel as I have been running around with my head cut off!! Natalie has had a busy week......

Saturday, she was the Big Sister of the party at my baby shower. She was absolutely adorable in her big sister shirt. She enjoyed running around with her cousins and eating a ton of sugar!

Monday, we were busy building towers in the living room. Natalie has become smitten with her blocks this week. She loves dragging them into the living room and building towers as high as she can and then watching them fall over. She just laughs and laughs, then begins building again.

Tuesday, Natalie and I had to run into town and pick up a video I had pre ordered. We were going to do a little shopping but I was not feeling very good and could not find anything I wanted at Target. I decided not to over do it and we headed home and relaxed the rest of the day.

Wednesday, Jenna and Caroline came over to hand out for the day. They played, played, ate, napped, played and played. Those three don't slow down for much. Natalie had a great time playing with her cousins. She is very good at playing by herself but loves it when someone comes over and plays with her. By bedtime Natalie was exhausted.

Thursday, was what I like to call pajama day. We stayed at home in our pajamas all day. Natalie finally go around of watching her new movie, Veggie Tales Sweetpea Beauty.

I know she does not fully understand the message but she actually paid more attention to the movie then I thought she would. The rest of the day she hung out in a box!

And just cheesing at the camera.

I'm enjoying the small things with Natalie. I love just hanging out with her in our p.j. playing and watching cartoons. I know life will be getting a little bit (okay, okay A LOT) busier in the next couple of weeks and just want to be able to enjoy the moments with her. Potty training has been but on the back burner for now. I want to wait until Brody comes and we all get into a new routine before starting. I think if we work hard at getting her potty trained right now, she will just revert back when Brody arrives. We will pick it back up after we all settle into our new rountine and she is comfortable with having a baby brother in the house :) We are only 5 weeks (give or take) before we welcome the new babe into our home and we still have a lot of things to get done. Hopefully I'll get to packing my hospital bag soon!!