Thursday, August 26, 2010

Five Question Friday

This week I'm joining My Little Life: Five Question Friday!!

1. How many pets do you have? We have two dogs. Molly is a minature dachshund and Bear is a mix of lab and basset hound.Molly was a Valentines Day gift from Nathan on our first Valentines after we married and Bear we rescued from the pound. Natalie loves her dogs and enjoys serving them tea and cookies!!

2. If you could switch places with anyone in the world for one day, who would it be?
This is a hard one...I don't think I would pick anyone. I love the life that God has blessed me with and would not want to walk in any other shoes. But if you are going to make me choose, I would want to switch places with.....well I can not think of one person!!

3. What is your favorite money saving tips? Ask yourself is it a need or a want! I have had to learn to ask myself this question many times since quitting work to stay at home. If the answer is that it is a want then I walk away and sleep on it and think about whether if it is truly something I want to spend the money on. If it is something I still feel like I want then save the money to buy it. Asking myself this questions has made me stop and think which in turn has saved me money.

4. What do you want your kids to be when they grow up?
I don't have a preference of what my kids do when they grow up. All I want for them is to love the Lord, be law abiding and happy in whatever path they choose.

5. What is your favorite quote?
My soul finds rest in God alone; my salvation comes from him.
Psalm 62:1

I can do everything through him who gives me strength.
Philippians 4:13