Monday, August 31, 2009

Our Weekend

It's Monday night and I'm sitting here reflecting on our weekend and it has accrued to me that I got no household chores done!! So what where we up to this weekend you ask? Well...

Natalie and I started the weekend off right by stopping by Target and Hobby Lobby after work Friday. A co-worker of mine gave me a few supplies to make a fall wreath and I wanted to look for fall flowers to also put on it. So what better place to go then Hobby Lobby. I found a few things I liked but wanted to wait until it get finished to make sure the wreath part turns out right. As soon as I get finish I'll post some pictures.

Since Nathan was helping a friend move most of Saturday, I had made plans to go shopping with a friend later that early afternoon. Luckily for me Natalie decided to sleep in until 7:30. For most of the morning Natalie and I just sat around playing and being lazy. Later that afternoon we met my friend Amy for lunch at Buffalo Wild Wings. Natalie was as usual really good during lunch as long as you were feeding here.

After lunch we headed to the mall for some shopping. I really did not find to much to buy. I found some cute hounds tooth earrings I wanted but decided I could make them for cheaper. So that is my next little project. Natalie did really well walking (well in her case strolling) around the mall for a few hours. I think she is going to be a shopping queen like her mama!! After shopping we headed home to relax and see Nathan since either of us had seen him since he left for work Friday morning.
On Sunday we were headed to church, then grocery shopping, and then back to church for Dave Ramsey "Total money makeover" class!! As usual our Sunday was busy and non stop until we got home at 5:00 p.m. But I did manage to get some pictures of Natalie in before we left for church. She does not usual wear jeans to church but Nathan and I had nursery, so we dressed in jeans to be able a get down on the floor and play with the kids. And since we were in jeans it only made sense to have Natalie matching!!

Here she is with that goofing grin of hers!!

Next weekend will probably just as much going since it is Labor Day weekend and of course the first ALABAMA GAME!! ROLL TIDE!!!

Friday, August 28, 2009

Show Us Your LIfe - Wedding Shower

To become a more regular blogger I have decided to join a few regular blog carnivals. This Friday I decided to join Kelly's Korner and show you some of my life. This week they are showing wedding showers and since I just found pictures of Nathan and My shower I thought I would share.

Some of my bridal party decided to throw me a Tool and Gadget Party. It was a great time and a way to get the men involved in all the fun!!!

We played a game where we had to answer questions about the other person. If we got any wrong, we had to karaoke that many songs. It was really embarrassing!

I also had a church shower, which was more family and church members. I love our church family they are so giving!

Both of my showers were small and personal. Which I would not have had it any other way! Hope you enjoyed going down memory lane with me, I sure did!!

Monday, August 24, 2009

This week I decided to join MckMama blog carnival and admit all the things that Natalie "did not do" this week!!!

This week while trying to take Natalie picture she certainly did not decide that she was done and start crawling away. Nope not my sweet baby girl. She loves getting her picture takin and will sit still for as long as it takes!
This Saturday while taking a quick trip to the bathroom. I certainly did not leave Natalie in the living room to play on the floor. When I turned out of the bathroom toward the living room, I absolutely did not find d.v.d's spread across the hall.

And when I turned the corner I did not find Natalie with d.v.d's surrounding her and then look at me like this was the usual Saturday actives.

After I did not catch her in the act because this was all a figment of my imagination, she did not turn back to the d.v.d's and continue to play.

At that moment I did not completely have a epiphany....WE ARE IN TROUBLE!!!! Our little baby is turning into a moving, grooving, grabbing everything in her path and taking it with her baby girl (when do you start refering to them as toodlers anyway?.....but that is a whole other post).

Now it is your turn.....hop on the wagon and join the in!!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

A Look Back

It took nine LONG months for God to knit together Natalie in my womb and it only took a SHORT nine months for us to get where we are today. I remember while pregnant wanting more then anything for those nine months to hurry on by. As these last nine months just flew by, all I want is for the next nine months to slow down so we can enjoy this time. It amazes me how much she has changed over the past nine months, from a newborn infant into an almost toddler that is on the verge of walking.

I can't believe that only a year ago a was planning Natalie's birth and now I'm starting to plan her first birthday.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Thinking ahead

Natalie had her 9 month appointment this week. I can't believe she is already turning 9 months, I can't believe I'm already thinking about her first birthday party. Oh where of where has the year gone?? She is 16 lbs and 29 inches long. The doctor says she is doing great.

This week I got a catalog for Halloween customs in the mail. It seems so early to start thinking about Halloween but I think I have found her costume!! I can't decide between the two.

I plan on making a decision before to long so we can get it ordered and done with!!