Wednesday, August 11, 2010

"God Gave Us You"

Nathan and I started a new bedtime routine with Natalie this week, we have started reading a book or two to her before bedtime. Tonight I picked up "God Gave Us You" by Lisa Tawn Bergren. To be be honest I have never read this book before, I bought it and placed it in her closet were I keep all books that I don't want her playing with (our reading books) and forgot about it till tonight. I was just amazed how much this story range truth. Only God could have blessed Nathan and I with Natalie. Through out the entire stroy the same sentece keep reapeating "Because God gave us you" The pray that mama bear prayed for the baby growing inside of her range deep inside of me..

"I prayed that your bones would be straight and your heart
would be strong. but most of all, I prayed that some
day you would
love God."

While pregnant with Natalie and during this pregnancy I have prayed for God to watch over my babies, keeep them safe and growing and for them to be deleived safetly to my waiting arms. And that someday they would love God, as Nathan and I do.

This book has quickly become a favorite of mine and look forward to continue to read it to Natalie and I can't wait to be able to read it to Brody!!

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