Friday, April 10, 2009

Doctor, Tornados, and Brithday Party, OH MY

Today has been one up down up down day. It started out EARLY this morning. Natalie did not sleep well last night. Cough and congested all night and up about every hour and pulling at her ear. We decided to take her to the doctor to see what was going on since we could not figure out if she was getting a ear ache or just fascinated with her ear!! After running around this morning trying to get ready and out the door in half an hour we finally made it to the doctor. She checked out semi. No eat ache but a small upper respiratory infection. Since she is so young we are limited to what we can give her. He gave us a low dose medication to see if that can knock it out. The doctor said she was good to be around other children so our weekend is going ahead as planned. After the doctor appointment we decided to sneak in a trip to me new second favorite store, Sams Club, before the storms came. It will never compare to Target, but 2nd. We eat lunch and walked around Sams while Natalie slept. We decided it was time to get home before it stated raining.

When we got home Nathan was working in the garage and I flipped on the t.v only to realize there was a tornado warning in the next county and coming straight for us. About an hour later Natalie and I were hunkered (now that's a southern word for you) down in the bath tub listening to the hail and wind wiping around. After about 20 minutes of us all stuffed into our tiny hall bathroom we were able to come out unharmed. Luckily not everybody was as lucky. A few other counties got hit hard with a tornado or two. Even though this was not Natalie first sever storm but first time having to hunker down and her Momma being a little scared. Ahhh the joys of an Alabama spring. After 10 minutes in the tub it was safe to came out. No damage just a lot of wind and hail. The next county over from us had some pretty bad damage from a tornado. We got skipped again this week!!!!

After the excitment of the weather, We had Jenna's (Nathan and my neice) birthday party. It was Natalies first birthday party. We eat pizza, cake and opened presents. After a long day it was nice to get home and go to bed.