Sunday, April 5, 2009

5 Months

We had a busy weekend. Saturday we hosted a Tool & Gadget Party for our friends Chris and Amy, who are getting married in May. The party turned out great. The weather was beautiful. After the party we headed out to their house and hung out.

Today Natalie turned 5 months. I can't believe she is 5 months. Natalie and I went to church, then went into town to visit Nana and Pappy. After that we went by the fire station to visit Nathan. Then headed home to rest for the remainder of the evening. Natalie has been teething for a couple of months now but it has been really bothering her this weekend. She has been extremely fussy this weekend. I'm hopping she pops a tooth out soon because I don't know how much of this I'm gonna be able to take. I hate seeing her not feeling good and fussy when she is usually a happy baby.

I did not get a picture of her today since most of the day she was fussin up a storm, this picture is from last week!!!!!
Natalie has also been moving all over her crib during the night and morning. We lay her down in the in the middle of her crib in a sleep positioner and in the morning she is usually also somewhere else. Last week we found her turned 180 and in the corner of her crib just a playing.