Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Project Life: Week 1

Sunday, January 2nd: After a very long (at least thats the way it seemed) Christmas, we finally celebrated our finally Christmas with my sister and her family.

Monday Jan. 3rd: We enjoyed the day lounging around the house all day. We stayed in our pajamas all day and played.

Tuesday, Jan. 4th: In an effort to try and convince Natalie that there are NO monsters in her bedroom, Nathan took Natalie to play in her room. It was cute watching them play with her doll house together.

Wednesday, Jan. 5th: NO PICTURE It as a lazy rainy day until the kids and I had to venture out. I had a hair appointment and the kids went over to Nathans Me-maws to play and visit.

Thursday, Jan. 6th: Natalie was suppose to be napping but instead decided to load her bed up with ALL her books. At least she enjoys readying!!

Friday, Jan. 7th: Friday was a low key day (kinda). After a little shopping (A target run) we hung around the house till dinner. We met up with my parents to celebrate my birthday at Carrabba's. The food, of course, was amazing

Saturday, Jan. 8th: Nathan surprised me that morning with a birthday cupcake and some diet Dr. Pepper (what more can a girl ask for)!! We spent the day in town doing a little shopping then Nathan and I headed out to dinner with some friends to celebrate round 2 of my Birthday!!!! We went to my new favorite restaurant, Bone Fish Grill, and it was AWESOME!! Sunday (Jan. 9th) is my actually birthday....and my finally round of fun!!