Sunday, January 23, 2011

Our Life Lately

We have been not so busy this past week (which I have enjoyed). Just hanging out at home, filling our days with play time.

This past week Brody had a doctor appointment for his 4 month check-up. He is weighing in at 15 pounds (only two more pounds to go and he will weigh what Natalie weighed at ONE YEAR!!) The doctor was happy with his growth. Right where he should be. She said he could start solids. But wanted us to try prunes first, we are still trying to get things moving with him more regularly (if you know what I mean). Other than that he is doing well and we will go back in 2 months. Natalie was exceptionally good while at the doctors office. She did cry when the doctor came in (she did not want the doctor looking at "her" baby). Nathan took her to look at the fish while Brody got shots (did not want to traumatizes her).

Besides the doctor appointment we have been hanging around! We did have three big achievements in one day, Friday.

First, Brody had his first taste of prunes and I think he enjoyed it!

Second, Natalie is officially PACI FREE!! What a relief this is. It was pretty dramatic around here the first day, okay the second day and has yet to ask for it today!

Natalie decided she was leaving. She had her books and shoes with her has she tried to leave. And yes she has figured out how to open the door. We now keep all the outside doors dead bolted!

and third, Brody rolled over!! After a few weeks of almost he finally rolled!

The weather folks are calling for a possibility of a foot of snow again this week :( We might be snowed in again this week! Good thing I did not have anything planned for the week!!