Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Brody is finally sleeping through the night!!

He has been doing it for about a week and a half. It has been amazing finally getting to sleep through the night. He is still sleeping in the pack and play in our room. I don't know when we are planning on moving him into his own room but I don't see that happening anytime soon. I don't know why, just have yet to muster up enough courage to do so yet. We moved Natalie out a week or two after her 2 month birthday. Don't worry I'm sure he will be sleeping in his own room before his 16 Birthday :)!!

Christmas is right around the corner. Can you believe it In 3 weeks Christmas will be over and we will be putting another year behind us. It time to start thinking about New Year Resolutions!! I am almost done Christmas shopping. I have a few more things to buy and then I will be done. It has been hard getting it done with two kids in tow. Plus I absolutely hate going out alone with them plus it has been cold and I just don't move fast enough when it is cold out. Hopefully we can finish up this weekend (if it don't storm) after out family pictures. Yes....We have attempting family pictures. My mom wants the entire family to get one we are heading to Portrait Innovations this Saturday. Nathan and I have never had a family portrait taken (professionally). I know thats sad but just never got around to it. My plan is in the Spring is to hire a professional photographer for family pictures! But until I can get around to it....I hope these will be good!

Here are a few pictures of the kids this past Sunday before church. Luckily I took pictures before church since Brody did not make it home in the same outfit (thats a whole different post)!!

The only way I could get Natalie to take a picture was to ask her to sit beside "her" baby!!