Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Project Life: Tuesday

I am getting horrible at taking pictures. I'm finding that life is flying by! To help me remember to take more pictures of the small things, I have decided to join in on Project Life!! This will also help me journal all the little things that are going on in our lives without having to do an entire post about each day!

Sunday, May 16: We woke up Sunday to rainy weather, but despite the rain we headed to church and had a good service! After church we went home for lunch and a much needed nap before heading to Nana and Pappy's for dinner. When I went to check on Natalie I found her sleeping with her hands behind her head (just like Nathan) and her knees up. She looked like she was just kicked back!
Monday, May 17: Today was what I like to call Pajama Day! It's were we have no where to go and are going to stay home and get some things done around the house. (don't be alarm, I do bath myself and Natalie and I put fresh clothing's just we were lounge wear). Something I have been procrastinating on was cleaning out Natalie room from all the baby things and making it into a play area. I have been waiting to move her into her big girl room, but that may be a little while longer. So, today we cleaned and organized...and finally Natalie has a place to go and play without dragging all her toys into the living room!
Tuesday, May 18: Today was another laid back day, not much on the agenda. We did need to go to town and give Matthew a key to the house since we will be staying while Nathan and I are in Panama. While at Lowe's seeing Matthew I decided to go a pick out some paint samples for lil B's room. I'm thinking brown and blue (don't hold me to that, it could change before we paint).
Wednesday, May 19: Today was another day at home. We have tons of things to get done before he leave for Panama City Friday. We got a lot done today. Natalie helped me pick out my clothes for Fl and helped clean. I'm excited to say that I finally am getting to start Angie Smith's new book I Will Carry You! I have been wanting to read it since I first found out she was writing a book. I can not wait to dig in and read!
Thursday, May 20: Today we just hung out around the house. We had a lot to do to get ready for our trip tomorrow. Natalie helped me pack my suit case!
Friday, May 21: Nathan and I packed our bags, left Natalie in the wonderful care of her Grandparents and headed for a long weekend in Panama City Beach with some friends!
Saturday, May 22: Our mini vacation started out with a bang. We enjoyed the day relaxing at the beach, a little shopping and an awesome dinner at Angelo's (the best steak I have ever had by FAR). While I was missing my princess like crazy. Me and Lil B tanned ourselves and enjoyed the sun!!