Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Project Life: Week 4

Sunday, January 23rd: This was how found Brody when I turned back around from being at the sick making him a bottle. He was sitting up in his bouncy seat!!

Monday, January 24th: Nathan bought Brody a Rainforest jump-a-roo!! Brody has loved every minute of being in it! He just jumps away in it! It has been one of our best purchases so far plus we bought it for only $30! Got to love Craiglist!!!

Tuesday, January 25th: NO PICTURE :(

Wednesday, January 26th: Natalie wanted to help feed Brody lunch! She loves helping me take care of him during the day!

Thursday, January 27th: We stayed at home for most of the week just hanging out and getting a few things done around the house. Brody had some tummy time and he still hates it. He will usually last a few minutes until he is over it.

Friday, January 28th: It was a beautiful day today!! After doing some running around in town, we took Natalie outside to play for a bit. She wanted to play on her lil quad but unfortunately it was not charged so she sat on it instead!

Saturday, January 29th: It was another beautiful day outside. We ran into town a did a little shopping at Hobby Lobby with Amy then it was home for naps we decided to go and run around the backyard for a bit.

It is hard to believe January is over. This was my first month to attempt Project Life. I am so glad I decided to start doing it this year. So far I only missed four days out of the entire month. Not to bad for my first month!!!