Monday, February 7, 2011

A Bunch of Randoms

  • The months of June through September are shaping up to be extremely busy for us and I'm really excited about it!
  • Nathan and I have decided that Natalie will start dance this coming Fall! I hope she likes it and helps her interact with other kid.
  • Only a month and a few days into the new year and I have already strayed from my planned reading List. Out of 3 books only 1 was on my Reading List. I really need to stay out of the book store and send Nathan in the get the book that is on my list.
  • I am really hating this cold weather. And what is worse is the sudden warm up to 65 and then the drop back to 40 the next day! That is equivalent to taking me to GiGi's and then telling me I can't have any is just plain MEAN!
  • I am having with draws from Target. I have not been to Target in over a week!
  • I am behind in laundry yet again. It not to lack of trying. I just can't remember to switch it out. It is out of sight our of mind attitude since our washer and dryer are in the garage. Plus it is really cold out there.
  • Nathan and I enjoyed a night out! We went to Conner's (yum) and then to Chocolate Crocodile (double yummy)
  • After a night of eating it is now back to Weight Watchers (lets not count the pizza I had yesterday).
  • Saturday night was Brody's first night away. I enjoyed getting to sleep in but missed both the kids! Our house is way to quite without them here!

**Pictures are from the past week or two!!**