Monday, November 8, 2010

Potty Training: Day 1

With Natalie now being two....I have decided she WILL be potty trained. I refuse to but anymore DIAPERS for her. We just opened a new box of 108 diapers (I may have used 10). So starting today we are officially potty training. I have not only set a goal for her to be potty trained I have also set a goal for myself....I will not put a diaper on her unless she is sleeping (I know that takes longer to train) or we are out in public (I do have a 8 week old to tend to while out...I can't be changing her pants every time she wets while out). After she is good and potty trained at home we will move onto night training and wearing underwear out in public.

So you ask, how was the first day?.........well she never actually went in her potty. She started to go in underwear so I would put her on the potty and nothing. The girl can hold her pee!! This afternoon we went out so potty training took a back seat for the day. Tomorrow we are staying home all day so we are doing nothing but potty training!!

Some pictures from Sunday......

Natalie playing with the quad Nana and Pappy got her for her birthday. And yes we wear dresses while riding our quads!

Mama's lil stud muffin before church!!