Wednesday, July 21, 2010

What we have been up too...

I have been horrible about taking pictures the past week! We have been busy getting things done and I have not been able to think past what we are doing at the time. We have a busy rest of the week ahead! I have family coming in for a visit, whom I have not seen since this time last year. I am very excited and can't wait.

What have we been up to these past week....well

Nathan finally painted to nursery! I love the color. It is light yellow yellow and I think it is going to match his bedding perfectly.
The other important that needed to done. We ordered furniture this past Monday. It should be here by the end of next week. It is simple (which is what I wanted)! I can't wait till it arrives so Nathan can set it up!
I have been working on things to put on his wall. I have not been able to do much since I wanted to set up the nursery furniture and see how everything looks. I did do up some canvases, that I think turned out super cute.

I'm hopping to be finished with his nursery within the next couple weeks! Then all we need is to wait for Brody to make his debut into the world! :)