Thursday, April 22, 2010

Show Us Your Life-How Nathan and I Met

Show Us Your Life with Kelly's Korner

This week I'm joining Kelly's Korner "Show Us Your Life". This week the topic is How You Met your Husband/fiance. To start this story we must go way back.....

Once upon a time back, Nathan and I attended the same middle school. We were not what you called friends or even acquaintances, we just went students at the same middle school. My Sophomore year of high school I moved to Georgia where my family and I stayed until returning back to Alabama the summer I graduated high school. That is were our True Love Story begins!

I started working as a Hostess at Chili's where I met another hostess by the name of *Sue*. Sue was dating a guy who had a friend that she just felt obliged to set up. That is when Nathan enters the picture. Sue called me one night asking if I wanted to hang out and told me to met her at the local Tractor Supply store. Nathan just so happen to be the guy she wanted to set me up with. We met (again) and reconnected. After 2 months of were just friends hanging out we finally decided to make if official. After 1o months of dating Nathan asked me to Marry him and of course I said yes. On October, 2006 we were married in a little church down the road and have never looked back.

*Names have be changed due to...well because as this part of my pregnancy my brain is still jello and I can't remember to save my life*

Here are a few pictures of Nathan and I in our younger days: