Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Road to Stay At Home Mom/Wife

I always thought I would have to be a mom who works full time. We were always going to be a two income household. To be honest I never gave it to much thought, it was just something I knew had to be done to keep the life style I wanted (keeping up with the Jones)! Until the very minute I held Natalie everything about what I wanted changed.

I wanted to stay at home with her and take care of her full time. Unfortunately after 8 wks of maternity leave I was headed back to work. We were very bless that in Natalie's first 6 months of life she either stayed with Nathan or her Paw Paw (they both have a awesome schedule that rotate and they never work the same shift) But with my late hours and working weekends I still was not happy. In June of 2009 I decided to go back to the daycare I worked at when Nathan and I got married. I figured I would be much happier if Natalie was with me through out the day. I was for a while. I still really just wanted to be home with Natalie. Nathan and I discussed it and at that time we saw no other way. Until some good friends of ours asked it we wanted to start a new class with them at there church, Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University.

To be honest when Nathan first explained Dave's theory I was skeptical. I wanted to stay at home but I wanted to do so without changing my life style. With much pushing from Nathan and prayer for the lord to open me up to a drastic change in my life we decided to join the class. To explain Nathan is the geek and I'm the free spirit. I spent money then thought about it later. My life changed the very first class. Dave's motto is "You must live live like no else, so later you can LIVE LIKE NO ELSE'. So basically Nathan and I (mostly me) had to stop the unnecessary spending and start plucking away at out debt. We did not have a lot of debt to begin with, 1 credit card, 2 car payments and our house. We started right away building our emergency fund and paying of debt. We finished the class with a better understanding of what goals we want in our lives and how to manage our money to be able to obtain those goals. To date we have NO credit cards and only 1 car payment and of course of house. After hard work and a lot of changing our lives for the better I can officially say I'M A STAY AT HOME MOM/WIFE!!!!!!!!!! We are no where finished with Dave's plan but we are working on it and trying our best to make the best possible live not only for us but our children. We are comfortable enough financially that allows me to stay home. I would 100% recommend these classes to everyone. I firmly believe they must be a prerequisite to getting married!! If we knew what we know now when we first got married I believe the way we handled and looked at our finances in the beginning of our marriage would have been completely different!

And that is how I went from a working full time mom/wife to a STAY AT HOME MOM!!



I'm so excited that you get to stay at home with Natalie....and the new baby when he/she gets here! I wish I could even though I know I would miss my job!