Thursday, October 7, 2010

A New Subject

With Natalie being a rowdy almost two year old, it has been hard to get her to sit still long enough to take pictures. About the only time I can get to take picture is to ask her if she wants to hold Brody and then even that I have to sneak the camera and quickly snap a few shots. Lucky for me though......I have a new subject who can not get up a run away or even tell me "NO" as I pull my camera out!!

Brody at 3 weeks!

A great picture of Natalie but a not so great picture of Brody.
Natalie was more interested in the t.v. then taking pictures and Brody was getting mad about the continuous flashing light.
Natalie's looks of announce! We were done after this picture.
This week has been low key here at our house. We have been doing a lot of lounging around in our p.j. I have high hopes of hopefully getting into some type of routine soon! Next week kicks off our next couple of weeks of busyness (is that a word). Tuesday we are headed to the zoo! Hopefully all kids will behavior of the trip down to B-ham!!! Wish us luck!



Good luck! {You wil do fine!} I remember adjusting to tow... praying for sleep ... and just soaking their "smallness". My girls are 18 mo. apart.

The days will pass....

Your pictures are sweet!

Take much care & stop by if you get a chance... it's always fun to visit in blog land!