Monday, August 24, 2009

This week I decided to join MckMama blog carnival and admit all the things that Natalie "did not do" this week!!!

This week while trying to take Natalie picture she certainly did not decide that she was done and start crawling away. Nope not my sweet baby girl. She loves getting her picture takin and will sit still for as long as it takes!
This Saturday while taking a quick trip to the bathroom. I certainly did not leave Natalie in the living room to play on the floor. When I turned out of the bathroom toward the living room, I absolutely did not find d.v.d's spread across the hall.

And when I turned the corner I did not find Natalie with d.v.d's surrounding her and then look at me like this was the usual Saturday actives.

After I did not catch her in the act because this was all a figment of my imagination, she did not turn back to the d.v.d's and continue to play.

At that moment I did not completely have a epiphany....WE ARE IN TROUBLE!!!! Our little baby is turning into a moving, grooving, grabbing everything in her path and taking it with her baby girl (when do you start refering to them as toodlers anyway?.....but that is a whole other post).

Now it is your turn.....hop on the wagon and join the in!!