Monday, March 30, 2009

Busy Weekend

This past weekend was a busy one for us!!!!!

On Saturday Natalie finally decided it was time to start rolling over!!! She finally did it. She was playing on the floor while I caught up on some of my blogs on the laptop. Then with no warning she flipped her self from her belly to back. Just to make sure it was not a fluke we tried it again....and their she went a rolling. I was so excited as I figured she would be crawling before she ever started rolling. But with the rolling came another huge change. She was going to have to sleep at night without being swaddled. I did not want her to figure out how to roll and then not being able to roll back over because her arms were swaddled. Which we had been trying causally to not swaddle her a night but was never serious about it. Until Saturday night. Saturday she did horrible she was up every 2 hours. Sunday night she did awesome. Sleeping the entire night. We will see how tonight goes.
**I have a video of her rolling over I'll post later, I don't have it saved to my work computer**

Also on Saturday Natalie spent some time with Nana, Aunt Tonya, and Lexi shopping while Nathan and I went to a friends wedding. The wedding was sweet and short!!!

Sunday was our day of rest, well at least for Nathan and Natalie. After church, as I headed into work for a bit, Nathan and Natalie went home to enjoy some extra sleep time since we ALL did not have such a great night!!!! That evening we went to see our friends Chris and Amy's new house!!! Which I have to say is awesome. They did such a great job painting and fixing it up!!!!!

I promise to post some new pictures and the video of her FINALLY rolling over next post!!!


Michelle Riggs

Your daughter is beautiful.

Thank you so much for praying for my daughter, Abby.