Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Hard Week

Natalie has had a hard past week :( She has been sick since about Thursday. It all started with her waking up Thursday sounding horse and running a slight fever.

Oh to the doctor we go oh to the doctor we go!

She had croup. Nothing we could do but wait it out. I hate when the doctor informs us that their is nothing we can do because it is a virus and to wait it out. Nathan kept her home with him Thursday and Friday. Saturday she still had a slight cough but not to bad and was acting great. So we continued with the planed events and went to a friends wedding! It was absolutely gorgeous outside (it was an outside wedding)!Yes, she is definitely trying to chew on the chair, but we'll get to that in a sec!

Sunday we woke up to yet another set back. Natalie woke up with a fever :( and a horrible cough! She felt horrible all day Sunday. We kept to the house all day and stayed in our p.j.'s!! Nathan kept Natalie at home again Monday to make sure we were cleared of fevers. She still has a slight cough but I think it has a lot to do with another issue all together.

Natalie is teething yet again. She is not popping one tooth, not two but three. That's right three teeth! She has became a chewing maniac!

"No baby, momma does not to try"

So if your keeping tracked that is 8 TEETH so far!! My baby is growing up right in front of my eyes. Where did my little 7lb newborn go!