Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Catch Up

The past two weeks have been crazy around here. This summer has really kicked off with a bang. Last week was a nice week off from work. I took the week off to help prepare for a friends wedding with a few bonus quality days with Natalie. I enjoyed spending an entire week not having to worry about work and spend the day playing with Natalie. She is getting better sitting up by herself and she enjoys playing on the floor a lot more now.She likes to play with one of my Tupperware bowls. She will take and out toys in it and shake it!!

My goal for this summer is try and get out more and take Natalie on more walks. So far I have not been doing so good. One day a week or two ago was our first and only walk so far. Natalie and Bear really enjoyed it. (I need to get more motivated)!!!!
Here are a few of the pictures of Natalie I took last Sunday. These maybe some of my favorite pictures because she looks like such a big girl in them and they are out side!!!That was the a look into what has happened the past two weeks!!! Their have been big changes in Natalie everyday life this week, but that will have to what until later!